The guns used on our shooting events*

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A relatively lightweight, easy to use, hard-hitting rifle for motorised infantry. Military version is capable of semiautomatic or automatic fire modes. Civilian version used in Prague range is semi-auto only due to Czech licensing laws. Being inexpensive to manufacture and exceptionally reliable even in tough conditions this weapon became the most popular choice for arming conscripts in developing countries, as well as in the former Soviet Union’s armed forces . The standard AK47 military version had a wooden stock, but their was a model known as the “AKS” which had a folding metal stock for mechanised infantry and parachute troops.

* Weight: 4.3 kg (empty)
* Calibre: 7.62 x 39
* Capacity: 30 rounds (standard)



This rifle was one of the first of the modern 5.56mm calibre rifles to be used in action. Introduced during the Vietnam War it became an instantly recognisable weapon. M16 rifles are used by many military groups, most notably the SAS, who preferred the M16 over the standard British issue L85A1-SA80 rifle.

The semi-automatic version of this gun used on our shooting events in Prague is known as the AR15 and is configured for the lower recoiling 9mm parabellum calibre ammunition as used by some police SWAT teams and specialist military units.

* Weight: 3.40 kg (empty)
* Calibre: 9mm used in on Prague range
* Capacity: 20 or 30 rounds


CZ Scorpion EVO 3


The EVO 3′s ight weight, small size, folding stock and rounded edges makes it an excellent choice for police and private agencies providing close protection for VIPs. It is also ideal for others requiring a compact yet very reliable and accurate protection weapon such as fighter pilots, tank crews, and undercover police officers. Civilian and police model used on the Prague range is semi-auto.

* Weight: 2.3 kg (empty)
* Calibre: 9 x 19mm
* Capacity: 30 rounds


Brugger & Thomet TP9

The TP9′s light weight, small size, folding stock and rounded edges makes it an excellent choice for police and private agencies providing close protection for VIPs. It is also ideal for others requiring a compact yet very reliable and accurate protection weapon such as fighter pilots, tank crews, and undercover police officers. This compactness also gives the operator the ability to easily fire single-handed when his second hand is occupied, such when holding a ballistic shield. Available as an extra, or as an alternative gun if CZ Scorpion EVO 3 is temporarily out of service.

* Weight: 1.4 kg (empty)
* Calibre: 9 x 19mm
* Capacity: 15, 20, 25 or 30 rounds magazines available



Named after its designed Uziel Gal this is one of the most effective and widely recognised submachine guns available today. Designed with mass production in mind the Uzi is largely made from pressed steel parts. It enjoyed an enviable reputation of reliability, and for being almost indestructible in tough conditions. The design has also been adapted into a number of smaller weapons suitable for clandestine operations such as the Mini-Uzi, Micro-Uzi and Uzi Pistol. Uzi used in Prague range is semi-auto version.

  • Weight: 3.7 kg (empty)
  • Calibre: 9mm x 19
  • Capacity: 25 or 32 rounds


Glock 17


With only 33 moving parts this pistol is a triumph of modern design simplicity. The first mainstream handgun to pioneer the use of a high impact plastic frame. Uses a unique self-cocking system that includes three safety mechanisms which are only released when the trigger is pulled. Popular with many law enforcement organisations including the British Police not least because of its simplicity and outstanding reliability.

* Weight: 0.66 kg (empty)
* Calibre: 9mm x 19
* Capacity: 17 round


.357 Magnum Revolver

This sturdy double action revolver will fire both .38 Special and the more powerful .357 Magnum interchangeably so gives the shooter the option to shoot either cartridge type according to need. The low shot capacity (6 or 7 rounds) and the higher recoil of these revolvers when compared to semi-automatic pistols are to some degree compensated by the fact that they are generally more reliable and less complex to learn to shoot.

* Weight: 1.30 kg (empty)
* Calibre: .357 Magnum
* Capacity: 6 rounds


Makarov PMM

Makarov Pistol

After the Second World War, and about the same time as the AK47 came into service in the Soviet Union, this pistol replaced the old Tokarev TT33 self-loading pistols and Nagant M1895 revolvers. Lighter and less bulky than it predecessors and packing a bigger punch the Makarov pistol or PM became the Soviet Union’s standard military and police side arm in 1951.  The most widely known variant, the PMM, was a redesign of the original gun in 1990 where engineers reworked the original design, primarily by increasing the load for the cartridge to increase in muzzle velocity. The PMM magazine holds 12 rounds, compared to the PM’s eight rounds

* Weight: 0.73 kg (empty)
* Calibre: 9mm x 18mm Makarov
* Capacity: 12 rounds


Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle


After World War 2 and the introduction of the Kalashnikov Russia needed a new sniper rifle. Many designers started to work on different designs. The Kalashnikov based design of Evgeniy Dragunov was selected. The new rifle was not designed as sniper rifle, but as an accurate rifle for ranges up to 400 metres. Such a rifle was needed while the Russian service rifle, the AK-47, has an effective range of only 100-200 metres. The new rifle was called SVD, which at first stood for ‘Semipolarnya Vintovka Dragunova’, Russian for ‘Dragunov semi-automatic rifle’, but when it was discovered that the SVD could also be used as a sniper rifle the name ‘Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova’, Russian for ‘Dragunov sniper rifle’ was adopted. The SVD is better known as ‘the Dragunov’.

* Weight: 4.3 kg (empty)
* Calibre: 7.62mm x 54mm (Rimmed)
* Capacity: 10 rounds


Czech Police Sniper Rifle CZ 750


The CZ 750 utilises a Mauser type bolt action and a heavy barrel designed for precise target shooting up to 800 metres so ideal for military and police snipers alike. The rifle is equipped with an adjustable and very sturdy synthetic stock which is designed to be used under even the most severe of conditions. Fitted out with a Harris bipod to aid stability.  Available as an “extra” gun at the end of the booked shooting event, or as an alternative on the rare occasions when the Dragunov SVD is unavailable on the published events.

* Weight: 5.8 kg (empty)
* Calibre: 7.62mm NATO/ .308 Win
* Capacity: 10 rounds


Mosin Nagant Rifle

This rifle was in service from between 1891 and the 1960s in various Soviet Union countries when it was gradually replaced in the sharpshooter role by the Dragunov SVD (see below). Originally developed as a standard infantry rifle the Mosin-Nagant was later adapted as a sniper rifle in 1932 incorporating a telescopic sight and was issued to Soviet snipers. It served in many infamous battles on the Eastern Front, such as the Battle of Stalingrad, which made heroes of snipers like Vasily Grigoryevich Zaitsev (as played by Jude Law in the film Enemy at The Gates 2001).

* Weight: 3.9 kg (empty)
* Calibre: 7.62mm x 54mm (Rimmed)
* Capacity: 5 rounds


Saiga 12K (‘K’ for Kurt or Short) Semi-automatic Combat Shotgun

This modern Russian semi-automatic shotgun has been based on the famous and time-proven Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle design. The “K” version was intended as a security, police and self-defense weapon, and is widely used by Russian special forces (Spetsnaz) and private security services. The Saiga 12K has proven to be both a versatile and effective weapon for close range situations, such as counter-terrorist operations inside buildings.

One of the significant superiorities of semi-auto shotguns in comparison to pump-action weapons is the high possible rate of fire. Even an average shooter firing the ‘Saiga-12′ can shoot a series of five targets in a bit more than two seconds; a difficult task for any pump-action shotgun regardless of the skill of an operator.

* Weight: 3.5 kg (empty)
* Calibre: 12 bore (.729)
* Capacity: 5 or 8 shots in detachable box magazine


Pump-action Shotgun

There are several companies manufacturing pump-action shotguns but the most well known are American manufacturers Mossberg (for the Mossberg 500, 590 and Maverick models) and Remington (for the Remington 870). These guns are very reliable to use and enormously versatile. They easily cope with virtually any kind of shotgun ammunition from tiny bird shot for smaller game to the massive one ounce lead slug capable of going clean through buildings! They are popular in the USA with users ranging from duck and wild boar shooters, through to police SWAT teams, and are also standard issue in most American police patrol cars.

  • Weight: 3-4 kg (empty)
  • Calibre: 12 bore (.729)
  • Capacity: typically 5-8 shots



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* Please note that some guns may vary slightly in appearance to those shown above and/or elsewhere on this website. If for operational reasons a specific gun included on one of our shooting events needs to be withdrawn for repairs, or is otherwise unavailable, a suitable alternative will be provided. This is sometimes unavoidable, but we will do our best to ensure that it is the exception rather than the rule. For more information see our Terms and Conditions – Section 1.