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We are ranked on TripAdvisor as the No.1 shooting range in the Prague area.   Judging by the reviews, we believe this high level of customer satisfaction is due to the following factors:

  1. We only use genuine police/military grade ammunition in the original (or bigger) calibres to give you an authentic full power shooting experience, not the lower powered smaller calibre target ammunition used at some ranges.
  2. We include transport from your hotel or apartment in Prague and everything you need to enjoy the event in the advertised price (no nasty surprise costs when you arrive at the range like some other ranges do).
  3. Our prices are transparent and shown clearly on the website.  Some companies in Prague offer low prices in UK Pounds or Euros that are calculated using deliberately over-optimistic “estimated” exchange rates designed to reel you in.  When it comes to final payment they will only accept payment in local currency and will not let you pay the attractive UK Pounds or Euros price initially offered as it was just an “estimate”.
  4. You are collected and driven from your hotel or apartment in Prague to the range and back in your own private bus or car, not herded in with a load of other groups onto a bigger vehicle like some other ranges do.
  5. You can see where your bullets are going on separate targets and you each get individual scores at the end. Some of the other Prague ranges just get you firing bullets onto one poorly lit paper target, making scoring at the end almost impossible.
  6. Each Top Gun event is run for you as a group competition and the person in your group with the highest score gets a special certificate. Most other ranges don’t bother with this.
  7. There’s an opportunity to shoot some more iconic guns on an individual basis at the end for a little extra cost as per the attached price list (e.g. .44 Magnum, Desert Eagle, Uzi). Often other ranges in Prague don’t allow time for this or don’t have a very good selection of extras and just rush you back to town on the bus.
  8. There’s a complementary beer and sandwich at the end of each Top Gun event before you go back on the bus.  Most other ranges don’t do this.
  9. Most of our events (Big 5 and above) give you each a special complimentary Gun Gremlin T-shirt to shoot some souvenir bullet holes in and take home. Other ranges don’t do this as standard.
  10. We don’t do hotels, strippers, go-carts or anything that’s not related to shooting.  This way we can totally focus on providing you with the best, and safest, group shooting events in town.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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