Welcome to Top Gun Prague Shooting Events

We are the shooting event specialist for Prague.  We don’t do hotels, strippers, go-carts or anything that’s not related to shooting.  This way we can totally focus on providing you with the best, and safest, group shooting events in town.

We design the shooting events and manage the booking side of things in the UK where most of our customers are based, and we run the shooting events and local transport through our Czech partner company in Prague.  Safety is taken very seriously on our events, and we regularly conduct risk assessments at the shooting range to ensure we continually improve standards.

The shooting range we use for our shooting events is a spacious facility with sheltered firing points in the forest outside Prague.  This extra space allows us to shoot guns that smaller indoor ranges, or ranges nearer the centre of town with their stricter noise restrictions just cannot offer.  For example full power sniper rifles and other modern military type firearms which are not available at other ranges.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!