Four Guns

Other useful information

  • Guns and booze do not mix! For everyone’s safety any member of your party suspected to be under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed to participate in the shooting event.
  • The shooting range operates throughout the year.
  • Minimum 2 people – Maximum 30 people.
  • Spectators:  We can accommodate up to 2 spectators per group – pre-booking essential (£20 or €25 per person spectator fee to cover transport, refreshments etc).  This event is not suitable for larger numbers of spectators.  If more than 2 people in your group do not want to shoot then it may be better for them to plan some different activity for a few hours and then meet up with the shooters later.
  • Our shooting events are organised as group competitions so that you can all compare your individual scores at the end, and so that we can award the competition winner with a certificate for achieving the highest score.  Unfortunately this means that it is not really practical to mix up the packages within a group.  It would also mean splitting your group up to different parts of the range and more individual waiting time so would not be as much fun. It works out much better to choose one shooting event that everyone can afford (like our 4 Guns Contest, or the Big Five),  and then those with more interest can shoot some extra guns at the end including guns like the Desert Eagle and .44 Magnum.  This way you will get a group shooting contest, plus the flexibility for individuals to try different guns at the end.
  • Please advise your group to dress for an outdoor event according to the time of year – e.g.shower proof jacket April-Sept, and a warmer coat Oct-March).
  • Pre-booking is essential. For spring and summer time, especially at weekends, it is best to book at least several weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • For safety reasons all of our shooting events assume zero knowledge or skills with firearms. Our events are designed to give non-shooting customers a really positive introduction to target shooting.
  • Minimum age for booking the event is 18, but the minimum age for shooting is 13 years old provided the young person is accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult. Maximum ratio is two under-18s per per parent/responsible adult.
  • Ear and eye protection is provided at no extra cost at the range and is compulsory when shooting, or in the immediate area that shooting is taking place.



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